4 Jul 2009

Tips Safe Downloading Files on the Internet

When downloading a file there are some people who feel unsafe on the file that didownloadnya perhaps the file with a virus. Virus attack almost most operating systems in the world such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc..

Here are tips on safe Internet download file:
1. Use open source program (freeware) to prevent the inconvenience of the copyright in the virtual world.

2. If you need a shareware program you try to buy a license legally.

3. Carefully select the file extension will be downloaded in particular. Exe extension because this extension was made many viruses.

4. Download the file from the official site, the risk fell ill virus akan small.

5. If not download a file from the official site then select the recommended file with extension or compression such as ZIP rar. The files are files that have been compressed so that the security file is awake and making it smaller in size so that the download speed.

6. Install and update antivirus, He regularly.

Have fun to Download....

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