4 Jul 2009

Solution is not the printer can print ?

we may often have difficulties to print documents using a printer. Or sometimes the virus fell ill and you must download anti-virus. This is our standard job. printer that is everywhere and the problems faced by all people at some time or other. And like every problem there is also a solution. Next I'd like to share a step by step problem solving that often arise we use the printer to print the document. I recommend you try these steps in solving problems and take a print document print-out after each step until the problem is resolved. these steps will hopefully produce the best.

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# Plug in the printer and switch it on.
# Ensure that the printer has been filled toner ink and paper.
# Turn off the printer for 10 seconds switch it on again.
# Make sure the printer cable is connected properly.

To make the next step and get more of a problem with the printer, plug the cable off and then reconnecting it. But one thing must be careful in this case. If you use a printer shared, make sure you have access to it and you have the power to do so. To be in safe side, take a print-out a test page first to make sure that the printer works properly. He also made sure that the computer that is connected to the same network or if the printer is connected to a station in the same.

Then continue in the effort to solve your printer problem and try plugging the printer to another type of connector the same on your personal computer. Try by plugging directly to the printer port on your computer if the printer is connected to a USB hub. To detect if a problem in the applications you use, try printing from another application.
# Then, make sure that the printer is a printer that is selected on the Print dialog. and in the default settings.
# Select the printer from the pop-up menu if you can not find it listed.
# Be careful that the operating software up-to-date.
# I hope you make sure the driver is installed the latest official from the manufacturer.
# Then re-add the printer via Printer Setup Utility.

Finally, open the Printer Setup Utility and check the print job queue by double-clicking the printer in the list, and check the status message next to the printer icon. You must click the Start Jobs if you see the message Employment terminated. Click to select the job and then click Delete if print job shows error. for more details and get other information you can visit here

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Jajang mengatakan...

printer saya warna kuningnya gak keluar, kira-kira apanya ya?

easy download mengatakan...

bang cikal, thanks for comment
untuk meliha kerusakan pada printer melihat jenis printernya. lampu power yang berwarna kuning berindikasi terdapat error pada :
1. posisi kertas yang tidak benar.
2. terdapat sisitem error pada driver
saran saya :
- tekan tombolnya kira2 10 detik dan lihat hasilnya dan
instal kembali drivernya. smoga bermanfaat

Graini mengatakan...

Blog Baru ya...

Jajang mengatakan...

Ok thanks, saya akan coba dulu mudah2an berhasil

easy download mengatakan...

graini@ terima kasih mbah. memang lagi semangat2 nya nih. maklum abg...
jajang@ selalu berbagi mas. thanks for comment

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